Plumbing is the heart and sole of this Canberra company. We enjoy covering all aspects of residential and small commercial.
Hot water systems

Hot Water Systems

Hot water systems use a variety of heating methods to provide consistent hot water in your home, including gas, electric, solar or heat pump units.
taps and toilets

Taps & Toilets

Wherever you place your taps—be it in your kitchen, bathroom, garage or garden—there is always a possibility that it can leak water at some point in time.

Blocked Drains

Canberra Water, Gas & Air have all the experience & equipment needed for every situation of blocked drains. Whether it be a standard tree root blockage, or storm water drain is full.

Water Leaks

Water leaks can become cause a lot of damage. Canberra, Water, Gas & Air have the knowledge, tools and fast response times to get those water leaks repaired for you ASAP.
Finishing Bathroom Remodeling. Using Silicone to Seal Ceramic Tiles Corners. Construction Industry.

Shower Re-sealing

If your leaking shower has caused some water damage to the surrounding walls or floor, our team can also repair and water damaged areas for you if necessary.
Burst pipe

Burst Pipes

Canberra’s cold climate is known to be a problem for old copper pipes. As well as pipes freezing, the most common burst pipe is on your hot water supply.
Rain water tanks & Harvesting

Rainwater tanks & Harvesting

Do you want to save money on your water bills? system is the number one option when it comes to lowering your water bill costs.

Roof Leaks & Repairs

Being fully qualified plumbers, we understand water, and how it can, and will track in different ways along different materials.
Custom roof flashings

Custom Roof Flashings

Flashings are a form of weather proofing for your home or building project that prevents water passing through an angle or joint.
Drainage solutions

Drainage Solutions

Canberra Water, Gas & Air are highly experienced in designing and installing all types of drainage solutions.

Irrigation Systems

An Irrigation System helps supply an entire garden or field uniformly with water, so that each plant has the amount of water it needs.

Excavation Work

Excavation is commonly associated with construction of buildings, but there are other reasons as well for excavating a residential or commercial property

Grey Water Systems

There are a number of ways Canberra Water, Gas & Air can install a grey water system at your property to save water & your money.

Water Filtration

The ACT has the highest rate of Chlorine in drinking water, we suggest using water filtration to avoid health issues.


We offer service and repairs on all pumping solutions from garden & household pressure pumps & swimming pool equipment.


Canberra Water Gas & Air provides certified gasfitting services for residential and commercial customers across the ACT and NSW area. We are the professionals when it comes to ducted gas heating and servicing of your appliances.
Gas heating

Gas Heating

Gas heaters are designed and manufactured in two major formats, Flued or Unflued. This simply refers to whether they need to be installed with a flue or not.

Gas Leaks

Gas leaks are more common then you would like to think. Luckily, we have all the requirements to locate, repair, and make safe any form of gas leak that you may have.

Cook Tops

Gas is the cooktop gold-standard. It is also potentially dangerous. Also, the correct installation of gas appliances and plumbing lines is critical to prevent accident.

Commercial Kitchen

The kitchen fit-out presents an opportunity to reassess your business needs and the kitchen equipment, appliances and other essentials you purchase.

Commercial Laundries

Having an operational laundry when you need it most is important to ensure your business is able to deliver the best experience for both your residents or guests, and your staff.

Out Door Kitchens

Just like most equipment, the great Australian Barbecue needs a barbecue service from time to time to make sure it is operating correctly and safely.

Heating & Cooling

Canberra Water Gas & Air are the professionals when it comes to heating or cooling your property here in Canberra. We have also lived here our whole lives and know what it takes to adequately heat or cool your home to best suit Canberras climate changes.
Evaporative cooling

Evaporative Cool

Evaporative cooling system draws fresh air through moistened pads. As the air passes through these pads, the air is cooled and filtered before flowing through the ductwork and into your home.

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Ducted air conditioning systems are designed to cool and heat an entire home. They have an outdoor unit, and a central indoor unit, usually installed in the ceiling or under the floor.
gas duct

Gas Heating Ducted

Ducted gas heating can be a great way to heat an entire home really quickly. With todays high efficiency systems, combined with evaporative cooling, can be a very cost effective way to condition your home in all seasons.

Are you ready for an enquire?

We take great pride in providing very high quality plumbing & air-conditioning services along side the best customer service you can get from a small business.

Are you ready for an enquiry?

We take great pride in providing very high quality plumbing & air-conditioning services along side the best customer service you can get from a small business.